About Lindsey

I am fortunate enough to have studied various complementary therapies throughout my life. I am inspired in my practice by the astounding ability of the body to fix itself when listened to and supported naturally through touch and things found in nature.

Craniosacral therapy found me at 33 years old when I was at a low ebb in my lifes journey; I was in an exhausting relationship, which was contributing to draining my already tired adrenal glands and my body was directing me to look deeper at my way of being and why it was that way. My hips hurt, my hair had started to turn grey and I was experiencing panic attacks and heart palpitations. I was tired almost all of the time and started to feel a radiating ache around my kidney area.  I reached out to a homeopath who also worked with nutrition and kinesiology. While on the treatment couch he also held my head and placed his hands at various points under my spine. I used to leave those treatments feeling revived, open, alive, physically relaxed and the calmest I’d possibly ever been.

Over the period of my treatment the pain in my hips was resolved and the functioning of my endocrine system improved. It also reduced my levels of stress, facilitated profound and lasting change in my physical body and emotional wellbeing, and likely contributed to increased self confidence and resolve to move on with my life.

Like most people who try it, I love craniosacral therapy. I have regular treatments for general health maintenance and take part in continuing professional development to keep my skills and knowledge up to date.


As well as being a registered Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner I also practice and offer the following complementary therapies:

  • Holistic Massage inc' Anatomy and Physiology (ITEC Level 3)
  • Aromatherapy (Diploma)
  • Bach Flower Remedies (Ainsworths level 1 and 2; Luna Advanced Bach Flower Remedies)
  • Holographic Breathing Technique (Martin Jones)
  • Meditation & Mindfulness (Teacher Training with the Yogi Ashokananda School)

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Chartham Hatch, Canterbury, CT4 7NB


07930 330428

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    "I highly recommend Lindsey! She really knows her stuff! My treatments with her were both subtle yet deeply powerful. I would have continued working with her if she didn’t move away!" Emma Spiegler

    "Wonderfully relaxing & certainly helped with stress & tension. "Fiona Stewart

    "I describe it to people as having a sedative .... You try to fight it but suddenly you're on a floating cloud. Has helped me so much with stress and headaches.... Cannot recommend more." Zandra Christie

    "I can highly recommend Craniosacral therapy with Lindsey. I had much better nights sleep, and felt much more relaxed after this gentle therapy." Jane Furphy

    "I have recently seen Lindsey for some more Craniosacral therapy, and found it has really helped my knee which is often aching due to osteoarthritis. Craniosacral is very gentle but so beneficial, l felt so relaxed after the session. " Jane Furphy

    "I receive craniosacral treatments from Lindsey whenever I am in Kent to help with issues relating to childhood trauma and masculinity which manifest themselves physically as tight hips. Lindsey is an incredible craniosacral therapist who always welcomes me with kindness, compassion and understanding to each treatment I receive."

    "I always leave with a feeling of greater peace and self-esteem and plenty of tips to take away, particularly relating to the use of flower and tree remedies to take my healing further; and my hips have never felt better!  I cannot recommend Lindsey enough to people who want to learn about and receive this simply life-changing treatment. " Matt Lamburn

    "Lindsey’s magic hands have helped me and my son enormously. I have never seen my hyperactive son aged 10 so calm ... for me it has helped so much with continual migraines. I cannot recommend her enough. Invest some time for yourself.Zandra Christie